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Frequently Asked

What's the difference between a freelance manager and a PAYG manager?

A PAYG Manager is someone you hire permanently and pay entitlements to, such as annual leave or personal leave, this also attracts Payroll Tax in most cases. This is often a more expensive option for businesses that may not require a permanent employee yet. A Freelance Manager can work flexible hours, and there’s no obligation to pay entitlements. The hourly rate may be higher but the long-term benefit is usually cheaper because you’re not locked into an employment agreement or permanent hours.

How much does a Freelance Business Operations Manager cost?

My rates start from $50 per hour, depending on your needs, and I can provide quotes for projects such as recruitment, website builds or copywriting. Contact me for an open discussion.

How does it work?

I will give you a quote based on your project scope. After you accept the quote I will commence work and invoice you at the start of the project, during the project at key milestones and once the project is completed. If you need me for regular ongoing work, I will quote an hourly rate and invoice you either fortnightly or monthly.

Where are you located?

I am based on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia. However, I do cover between Sydney CBD and Newcastle for onsite work when required. Otherwise, I work remotely from my home office.

Are you available 24/7?

I’m available Monday to Friday and will work with you to complete your request on time. I will give you plenty of notice when I’m likely to be unavailable (usually on public holidays or if I’m taking a break).

I handle the day to day, So you can focus on the things that matter

Let’s Chat

The best place to start is with a conversation. Get in touch to discuss your goals, pain points and expectations. My rates are competitive and flexible.

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