When you’re starting a business, it can be tough to know what tasks you should take on yourself and which ones you should outsource. One of the most common decisions to make is whether to hire an employee or use a virtual business manager. Both have their pros and cons, but in general, using a virtual manager is the better option. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the reasons why.

Business owners typically start out doing everything themselves. They take on the role of a marketer, salesperson, and administrator at once. This can be great for early-stage businesses because it allows them to move quickly and save money while they’re bootstrapping their business growth.

However, as your business grows in size, so must your workforce, to ensure that your clients continue to receive the best service they’ve come to know and love from you. You can either hire an in-house employee to take on some of these roles, or you can outsource them to a virtual business manager.

There are pros and cons to both options, but in general, using a virtual manager is the better option. Here are just a few reasons why:

First, a virtual business manager doesn’t cost as much. Virtual business managers work out of their own offices, so you don’t have to provide them with work space or office supplies. You’ll also save money on taxes, benefits and other perks that you might feel obliged (or are required) to offer your employees.

Hiring an employee can be a costly exercise for any small business owner because it’s difficult to predict how they will perform after you hire them. You can’t see into the future, but you do have a limited budget. If things don’t work out after hiring an employee, it can be difficult to simply let them go once they’ve made it past their trial period, and costly to replace them with someone else because the recruitment process then starts all over again. With a virtual business manager, you simply provide notice in writing and it’s done.

Further to this, consider the flexible hours a virtual business manager can offer. Often when you recruit an employee, you’re obligated to pay them for a certain number of hours per week – but what if there’s not always that much work for them? Business ebbs and flows. So too can the hours you pay your virtual business manager, it’s a much more cost efficient option for small businesses and start-ups in a growth phase.

Secondly, virtual business managers are great at what they do because they’ve been doing it for years! They understand the ins and outs of small business (most are small business owners themselves), and they’re ready to help you grow your company. They can wear many hats – from bookkeeping and HR to social media management – which means that you don’t have to worry about hiring a separate specialist for each task.

A virtual business manager is the perfect solution for any small business owner who wants to focus on their passion, the reason they built their business in the first place. They’re an incredible asset and a great investment for your business!

So if you’ve ever considered hiring an employee, but felt like it was too much of a hassle or cost prohibitive, consider outsourcing instead. You’ll get all the benefits that come with having someone on your team that’s very cost effective and with no strings attached.

There are a few things to keep in mind when looking for a virtual business manager, but the benefits far outweigh any potential drawbacks. Here are just a few reasons why:

  • They can disrupt your business in a positive way, bringing new ideas and different perspectives to the table. they might even show you a thing or two!
  • Showing them the ropes won’t take as long. You tend to spend less time training them because this ain’t their first rodeo. It’s merely a case of easing them into your business practises when it’s convenient for you and them.
  • They’re already in the know about how to run your business because they run their own business and have run other businesses as well. That means you get better results faster, with less stress and more free time for you to focus on your personal goals.

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